Based in Joondalup, the Townhouse Building Company concentrates on land and property development activities particularly related to urban development and residential housing.

As the inner city areas are affected by housing density and blocks are being subdivided, the normal builder often doesn't have the expertise to meet the council requirements from design to management of all the processes of construction. i.e Small blocks often have hidden costs associated with construction.

Expertise in design in two storey housing often sees contemporary front elevations mixed with traditional internal layouts and innovative and diversified construction techniques.

The Townhouse Building Company works with a regular contractor and supplier network that assures good quality construction and at a fast pace which saves its customers money on land and building holding costs and ensures better performance from the property. From designer to cleaners the contractors are part of the Townhouse Building Company's contractor extended family.

Size is important, being a tightly controlled company ensures that the Builder sees the work as it's undertaken and keeps close attention on customised requirements, the person the customer signs contracts with is the person that ensures the requirements are delivered. With attention to detail, backed by great designs and a good team of contractors ensures customers get a good home at sensible prices.

When you have found your block, take the time out to discuss your requirements. Sometimes finding the block may be as simple as giving us a call.

Townhouse Building Company will prepare your design brief. If you are an investor looking for property investments then we will provide a design and brief that will take the perspective that you are in business and need to maximise your return on investment.

We will get your block surveyed and complete your design brief before getting preliminary designs underway. After several meetings, reviews and discussions regarding your proposed budget we will match the size, design, inclusions to the budget you have to work with and provide you with a written detailed quote.

We prefer to get the hard work done at the design stages leaving little modification during the construction phase. Once drawings, addendas etc are prepared, the contracts can be agreed and the plans will be submitted to council and followed up regularly to monitor its progress.

Preparing specifications and designs to individual projects is similar to engaging an Architect who generally charges a design fee. At the Townhouse Building Company we make this part of the service, essentially to ensure what we build for our customers meets their needs, at a price that's fair and with reliable products.

Once you enter the Townhouse Building Company's design process you'll find it hard to look elsewhere as you realise that speed, quality and service is something very rare.

For more information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section of this web site.